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interni italiani collection comes from forty years of experience by Florentine artisan masters.
interni italiani is a functional and modern furniture line, with the elegance of the classic Italian style. It demonstrates innovative thought without losing the guaranteed detailed quality that characterizes Gean Style’s furniture. It also shows off the talents of local designers from the best schools who inject their own personal touch into every piece.

The concept behind interni italiani collection is to harmonize the various requirements for your living quarters: as is the Italian tradition, a functional home must marry attention to detail with a fitting finish and elegance. Each production of interni italiani is run with the same great care so as to ensure the quality and harmonious balance that wins praise in such diverse places as France, America, Germany, Malta, Panama, Israel and of course Italy.

With interni italiani, Gean Style from Florence, continues to show off Italy’s skilled labour and assurances of quality for hand-finished furniture.
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